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No Power? Avoid load shedding. We Install Generators. We Repair Generators. UPS Options Available. Back Up power.

Generators, Backup Power and UPS Systems

5Kva up to 500Kva generators available.

Be prepared for the load shedding / load sharing, it is bound to happen. Don’t be left in the dark. Get a generator today to avoid spending your weekends in the dark. For a more affordable option we suggest getting a UPS (uninterrupted power supply).

Standby generators offer a steadfast solution to extended outages. Unlike portable generators, they’re installed permanently on a concrete pad in your yard and will provide uninterrupted backup for days. That’s because they’re connected directly to your home’s electrical panel and powered by an external fuel supply, such as natural gas, liquid propane, or diesel. Smaller, air-cooled essential-circuit units are slightly larger than portable generators and can energize just a few circuits at a time. Larger, liquid-cooled whole-house systems will do just as their name suggests—they’ll comfortably power an entire home.

What are the effects of power outages on your household?

  • No electricity puts your safety and security at risk
  • Electric gates and garage doors do not work
  • House alarm and electric fences switch off
  • Stuff in the fridge and freezer rots
  • No TV – no sports, no movies, no chance to relax
  • Can’t charge electronic devices (e.g. laptops and cell phones)
  • No internet or Wi-Fi
  • No lights for kids to study

Why Do I Need A Generator?

The reasons why a person might buy a portable electric generator are probably as diverse as the different types of generators on the market. Being prepared in the event of a power outage is a very valid concern; hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and other natural disasters can create a loss of electrical service. In some cases, the outage may last for days or even weeks. While many reasons for buying a portable electric generator are linked to preparedness, another purpose is the ability to carry power to a location where none is available. Below are five good reasons to consider the purchase of a portable electric generator

1. Backup Household Electrical Power

Many people buy a portable electric generator because they want to be prepared in the event of a power outage. For one, having a backup source of power will keep food in the refrigerator fresh during a lengthy power outage. Individuals with health concerns may also need an available electrical source in the event of a power failure. Oxygen-producing machines or other electrically powered medical equipment can be run short-term with a portable electric generator. A room air conditioner might be a critical unit in need of power for individuals with breathing problems and for elderly individuals during hot weather. With a large enough generator and proper wiring, a household air conditioner can be powered with a portable generator.

2. Power Backup for Small Businesses

Any business that would be significantly harmed by more than a few hours of no electricity is a candidate for buying an electric generator as an emergency backup.

Small businesses that provide client services can benefit from having a portable electric generator. A firm that provides Internet-based services to their sales force or gives clients access to online information and reports would be severely impacted by a power outage of even a few hours, especially if the company services clients outside of the area affected by the power loss. Small businesses, like family restaurants, butcher shops, rural markets, and other stores that rely on refrigeration could have inventories ruined by a mid- or long-term power outage and could thus benefit from having a portable generator on hand. For critical health care providers, a backup electricity source is vital, particularly to power life-saving machines for critical patients.

Tip: If using a portable electric generator to power a computer, it would be advisable to have a backup battery unit or UPS installed between the computer and the generator. Backup battery units or uninterruptible power supply units protect computers against voltage spikes and voltage drops which can occur with an electric generator.

3. Safety for Residents Living in Severe Climates

Individuals who reside in areas where severe climates exist might be well advised to own a portable electric generator. Living in an extreme cold climate and experiencing a power failure could be deadly; having a generator to power portable heaters or backup a furnace could be a lifesaver. Coastal areas in hurricane lanes, geographic regions frequented by tornadoes, and floodplains are all locales where residents could benefit from owning a portable electric generator.

4. Electricity for Recreational Activities

Camping does not have to be a primitive experience; a portable electric generator can bring some of the conveniences of home to a rustic campsite without a power hookup. Campers who like to get away from the confines of a campsite but still want to run a coffee maker first thing in the morning will appreciate a portable electric generator. A hunting cabin deep in the woods can still have small refrigerator and electric stove with a generator providing a supply of electricity.

Portable lights,, electronic bug zappers, electric fans, an air compressor, microwaves, and any number of other electronic convenience items can be powered by a portable electric generator. Whether moving a party to the back yard or to the local park, there are occasions when having available electricity will make the event more comfortable and enjoyable.

5. Electrical Supply for Work Site Contractors

Contractors who work on building sites without available electricity often need a portable power source to operate their tools. Painters who use spray gun systems powered by electricity, roofers with nail guns that run off compressed air provided by an electronic air compressor, and contractors who work indoors and need portable lights to illuminate work areas are a few of the types of trade workers who could benefit from having a portable electric generator.

Construction sites without power and work sites where power is limited or where power is not easily accessible are places where contractors commonly use portable generators. Some portable electric generators are capable of producing 240-volt power; work sites may have 12-volt connections, but if higher voltage is required to operate a powerful construction tool, having a generator with the extra capacity will be invaluable.